Pokhara to Naudada And Australia Camp Bike Tours

3 Days

Cycling Tours Pokhara to Naudada to Australian Camp

Embark on an exhilarating mountain biking adventure with Pokhara Bicycle Tours, exploring the picturesque route from Pokhara to Sarangkot and Australian Camp. Our Pokhara Biking Tours promise an adrenaline-packed journey through diverse terrains. Traverse the landscapes with Pokhara Bike Tours and discover the thrill of cycling in the serene surroundings. Opt for Pokhara Cycling to experience the beauty of the region on two wheels, or join Pokhara Cycle Tours for a guided exploration. For off-road enthusiasts, Pokhara MTB Tours offer an exciting mountain biking escapade. Immerse yourself in nature and the joy of cycling with Pokhara Mountain Bike Tours, a perfect blend of adventure and scenic beauty that transcends borders. Explore the world on two wheels!



5 hours ride, 35kms and 1600m Altitudes.

Naudada to Dhampus 3 hours ride and 50 minutes hike to Australia Camp 2065 Altitudes.

Australian Camp to Ghatichhina easy 3 hours pedal And back to bike Shop.

Pokhara to Naudada to Australia Camp Bike Tours


  • For 3 days Guide, Bike, Helmet, Gloves, Meals, Rooms and an hour Ayurvedic Massage


  • No Any insurance for guests and bikes
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