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“At Chamling Cycle Pvt. Ltd., we take pride in offering a comprehensive bicycle workshop experience. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, premium components, and a team of highly trained and certified mechanics, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service.

Our adept bike mechanics specialize in servicing and repairs for a wide range of bicycle brands and models. Our commitment is to provide top-quality service that aligns with your specific bike repair and maintenance requirements.

Our doors open promptly at 8 am to accommodate early bike drop-offs, although we recommend contacting our store in advance to confirm availability. For clients who prefer to schedule their service in advance, we prioritize timely completion and exacting attention to detail.

Basic Bike Service

A basic mountain bike service typically includes:
1.Cleaning and lubricating the drivetrain (chain, cassette, and derailleurs).
2.Checking and adjusting tire pressure.
3. Inspecting and tightening bolts and fasteners.
4. Checking and adjusting brakes.
5. Lubricating pivot points (suspension and seatpost).
6.Inspecting and inflating the suspension fork or shock (if applicable).
7. Ensuring the gears shift smoothly.
8.Checking for any obvious damage or wear on components.
9.A test ride to ensure everything is functioning properly.

1. Hard Tail Rs: 1000
2. Full Suspension Rs: 1500

Full Bike Service

A mountain bike full service typically includes checking and servicing various parts of the bike to ensure it's in optimal condition. This can include:
1.Frame inspection Brake adjustment and pad replacement Gear and derailleur tuning
2.Chain and drivetrain cleaning and lubrication Suspension fork and shock servicing Wheel truing
3. Tire inspection and inflation
4.Bottom bracket and headset inspection Bearing checks and replacement as needed
5.Cable and housing replacement if necessary
6.Safety checks and torque settings adjustment

1. Hardtail Bike Rs: 1500
2. Full Suspension Bike Rs 2000