som chamling

Som Chamling

CEO / Founder

Som Chamling is the remarkable owner of Chamling Cycle Pvt. Ltd., and he wears multiple hats within his own company. Not only is he the owner, but he also serves as an MTB (mountain bike) guide, mechanic, and coach. His diverse skill set and passion for mountain biking have be Som Chamling

As the owner, Som Chamling has been the driving force behind Chamling Cycle’s growth and success since its inception in 2012. His vision was to create a company that not only offered thrilling mountain biking adventures in the Himalayas but also promoted responsible tourism and sustainability. Under his leadership, the company has thrived and become a respected name in the adventure tourism industry.

Som’s role as an MTB guide is a testament to his deep knowledge of the sport and the local terrain. He personally leads tours, sharing his expertise on navigating the challenging trails and ensuring that clients have a safe and enjoyable experience. His passion for mountain biking is infectious, and he inspires others to explore Nepal’s natural beauty on two wheels.

In addition to guiding, Som Chamling is a skilled mechanic. He understands the importance of well-maintained bikes in the rugged Himalayan terrain, and he takes pride in keeping the company’s equipment in top condition. His mechanical expertise ensures that clients’ bikes are always ready for the adventure ahead, minimizing disruptions due to equipment issues.

Beyond guiding and mechanical work, Som serves as a coach, sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring mountain bikers. His coaching helps riders improve their skills and confidence on challenging trails, making their mountain biking experiences even more rewarding.

Som Chamling’s dedication to Chamling Cycle Pvt. Ltd. as an owner, MTB guide, mechanic, and coach reflects his commitment to providing exceptional mountain biking experiences while upholding the company’s values of sustainability and responsible tourism. His multifaceted role embodies the spirit of adventure and excellence that defines the company’s ethos.