Sarangkot Sunrise And Bike Tour

Sarangkot Sunrise And Bike Tour

7 Hours

Mountain Bike Tour to Sarangkot

“Experience the magic of a Sarangkot sunrise followed by an exhilarating downhill biking journey to Pame Village and Lakeside. Begin your day in Lakeside, where you’ll meet your biking guide before heading to Sedi for a scenic cable car ride to Sarangkot. Witness the breathtaking sunrise over the Himalayas before enjoying a hearty breakfast. Then, embark on an exciting downhill bike ride through winding mountain trails, soaking in panoramic views of Phewa Lake and lush landscapes. Arrive at Pame Village for a cultural immersion with locals, followed by a leisurely lunch. Continue your journey to Lakeside, where you’ll unwind by the serene lake, explore charming streets, and savor delicious cuisine at a lakeside restaurant. Reflect on your unforgettable day of adventure as you watch the sun set over the tranquil waters, ending your day with memories to last a lifetime.”


Day Itinerary: Sarangkot Sunrise and Biking Adventure

4:00 AM: Meet your biking tour guide and group at the designated meeting point in Lakeside. Ensure all participants are equipped with helmets and safety gear.

4:30 AM: Depart Lakeside and head towards Sedi, where the cable car station is located.

5:00 AM: Take the scenic cable car ride from Sedi to Sarangkot. Enjoy the breathtaking views as you ascend to the hilltop.

5:30 AM: Arrive at Sarangkot just in time for the sunrise. Find a prime spot to witness the awe-inspiring sight of the sun rising over the majestic Himalayas. Capture the moment with your camera and take in the tranquil ambiance.

7:00 AM: After enjoying the sunrise, gather with your group for a delicious breakfast at one of the local eateries in Sarangkot. Replenish your energy with some traditional Nepali dishes or continental breakfast options.

8:00 AM: Begin your exhilarating downhill biking adventure towards Pame Village. Follow your guide as you navigate the winding mountain roads and scenic trails descending from Sarangkot.

10:30 AM: Arrive at Pame Village, a charming lakeside settlement nestled along the shores of Phewa Lake. Take a break to explore the village, interact with locals, and soak in the serene atmosphere.

12:00 PM: Continue biking towards Lakeside, enjoying the picturesque views of Phewa Lake and the surrounding landscape.

1:30 PM: Arrive in Lakeside and head to a local restaurant for a leisurely lunch. Choose from a variety of Nepali and international cuisines while overlooking the tranquil waters of Phewa Lake.

3:30 PM: After lunch, take some time to explore Lakeside at your own pace. You can stroll along the lakeshore, browse the shops for souvenirs, or simply relax at a lakeside cafe.

6:00 PM: Reconvene with your biking tour group for a debriefing and reflection on the day's adventures. Share your favorite moments and photos from the excursion.

8:00 PM: Enjoy dinner at a restaurant of your choice in Lakeside, savoring the flavors of Nepali cuisine or international dishes.

10:00 PM: Return to your accommodation in Lakeside and unwind after a thrilling day of biking and exploration. Reflect on the unforgettable experiences of witnessing the Sarangkot sunrise and cycling through the picturesque landscapes of Pokhara. Rest up for your next adventure or departure the following day.

Cost Includes

  • Guide with Mechanical Skills
  • XC- Professional Bike
  • Break Fast and Lunch
  • Drinks (Water , Tea or Coffee)
  • Cable Car & Sunrise
  • Helmet, Gloves & T-shirt
  • Ayurvedic Massage

Cost Excludes

  • Alcohol
  • Insurance
  • Bike Maintenance
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From $175 $125
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